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What we offer


We can set up an INTERVENTION for a friend or family member suffering from addiction and help them get the treatment they need.

Recovery Coaching

We are here to SUPPORT you, your family, and friends, every step of the way, providing advice before, during, and after treatment. 


We combine medical knowledge of addiction with real life experience to bring you the best care possible. 

Our goal is to bring our clients to reach their full potential for a BETTER LIFE.

Why Contact Us?

The decision to get clean and drug free is an intimidating decision. Just making that decision is half the battle. 

Living Above Addiction is here to help and support you in taking that step, while developing personalized guidance for treatment that will markedly increase your chances of success. 

Detox, Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient, Individual Therapy, and Self Help/Support Groups. Confusing, right? Our experts can help explain the benefits and drawbacks of each type of treatment and match you with the best fit for you.  OK, once you know what type of treatment is best suited for you, how do you choose from the hundreds of different facilities and programs in Southern California? Passages? Betty Ford? Salvation Army? Everyone is different and consequently there are no one-size-fits-all programs. 

We can help you find the perfect place for you to begin the road to recovery from addiction based on your personality, goals, and other factors. Finding the right place on the first try is important as it will not only save time from having to repeat the process in your journey to long-term sobriety, it will also save you from spending large sums of money. If finances are an issue, there are many programs/centers that cost little or nothing! Studies have shown that long-term success is correlated with getting it right on the first try. 

Let us help you do just that and navigate the process to becoming sober. Contact us 24/7 at 858-609-9493 or by email at LivingAboveAddiction@gmail.com for a free consultation today! 

Theodore Germanos, MD 


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